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Export of medical services of Minsk Maternity Hospital No.2

With the purpose of simplification we give several samples of cost of the most popular service packages. These samples are the average values estimated for the services that have been already provided and paid. Cost of services, medicines and expendable materials are included in these samples.

Estimated price of services for foreign citizens

Estimated price of services for foreign citizens


Service name

Estimated price, rub.


Obstetrics (integrated data)



Initial consultation of obstetrician-gynecologist + ultrasound investigation of fetus during the third trimester

1 091 500


Vaginal delivery (first)

18 478800


Vaginal delivery (repeated)

13 828200


Complicated delivery

20 590300


Caesarean section

21 965500


Delivery + caesarean section (emergency surgery)

40 444300


Vaginal delivery + 5 days stay at the postnatal department

23 109300


Planned caesarean section + 6 days stay at the postnatal department

27 522100


Delivery + caesarean section (emergency surgery) + 6 days stay at the postnatal department

46 000900


Gynecology (integrated data)



Doctor’s consultation + colposcopy + flora and oncocytology smear

1 300 000


Follow-up consultation (without exaination)

362 300


Sexually Transmitted Diseases smear (3 infections) by immunofluorescence test method + doctor’s consultation

750 000


Sexually Transmitted Diseases smear (6 infections) by PCR method + doctor’s consultation

860 000


Colposcopy with biopsy + doctor’s consultation + oncocytology

910 000


Doctor’s consultation + flora smear

616 000


Laboratory examinations for abortions and vacuum aspirations

От 750 000


Medical abortion with intravenous anaesthesia

1 970 300


Vacuum mini abortion with intravenous anaesthesia

1 189 600


Hysteroscopy with intravenous anaesthesia

1 204 100

Full range of services for women – from laboratory tests to surgeries and delivery.

Highly qualified personnel, comfortable conditions, unique equipment.

Clinical laboratory examination within one day.

There are four individual delivery rooms with Jacuzzi in the maternity hospital with a transformer-bed which allows to perform both horizontal and vertical deliveries; a toilet, bidet, shower room; intrauterine fetus condition monitoring apparatus, a heated changing table etc.
Electively you can undergo “Delivery with the partner” program training and deliver with your husband.
All kinds of delivery anaesthesia are widely used at the maternity hospital, including caesarean section surgeries:

  • regional (epidural, spinal anaesthesia)
  • whirlpool bath (Jacuzzi)
  • medicated anaesthesia

The maternity hospital uses the latest operative delivery technologies, only high quality stitch material.

During the first postsurgical day a maternity patient is taken care for and monitored (treated) at the intensive care department.

A baby immediately gets all the necessary help in a delivery room, after that it is transported with incubation apparatus (in case it has any problems with health) to the babies reanimation where the smallest (starting from 500 gram) babies are cared due to the professionalism, modern equipment and love.

Postnatal department

A comfortable single or double bed room will be provided to you (a toilet, shower, TV-set, refrigerator etc.).

Staying of mother and baby together is widely practiced.

Family planning center

Full examination and treatment of an infertile married couple..

«One day surgery»

A highly professional obstetrician-gynecologist and anesthesiologist will provide termination of pregnancy with full anaesthesia and under ultrasound control of the quality of a surgery, including a medicated abortion.

You can undergo examination and get treatment of uterine cervix by modern methods (laser coagulation, radio wave scalpel etc.) in the best cervix pathology room in the Republic.

Gynecologic department

Full range of surgeries.

Plastic surgeries::

  • uterine cervix
  • restoration of virginal membrane
  • labioplasty
  • perineoplasty
  • in case of genital organs descent
  • with the use of mesh prosthesis

Plastic conservative surgeries:

  • uterus (myomectomy)
  • fallopian tubes and ovaries

With endoscopic equipment:

  • laparoscopic surgeries (full range)
  • hystero-resectoscopy surgeries (myomectomy, polypectomy, endometrial ablation)
  • hysteroscopy

High tech equipment is used if necessary (laser, ultrasound dissector).