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Since March 17, 2014 on the basis of consultative and diagnostic department of Maternity hospital №2 consultative reception on infertility treatment with the usage of additional reproductive technologies (IVF, IUI) is conducted. Preliminary registration: telephone (017)-207-20-84

The following main paid services are provided at the institution for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens:

Doctors’ consultations:

  • obstetrician-gynecologist;
  • urologist.

Ultrasound diagnostics:

  • ultrasound examination of thyroid gland;
  • ultrasound examination of mammary glands;
  • ultrasound examination at different durations of gestation in two and three dimensional modes. Examination of placental and fetus blood flow;
  • Complex examination of small pelvis organs;
  • Children ultrasound examination (complex brain examination of a child, complex examination of internal organs of a child, hip joints examination);

Diagnostic laboratory examinations:

  • general examinations;
  • hematological examinations ;
  • biochemical examinations;
  • coagulogical examinations;
  • immunohematologic examinations;
  • bacteriologic examinations;
  • spermogram (with preliminary consultation of urologist).


  • individual delivery management;
  • minor obstetrics surgeries during delivery;
  • anaesthesia service during minor obstetrics;
  • anaesthesia during delivery management (caesarean section);
  • caesarean section.

Individual patient care:

  • for a maternity patient and a newborn during postnatal period;
  • for the patient in the gynecology department;
  • for the patient in the pregnancy pathology department.

Termination of pregnancy surgeries with anaesthesia:

  • vacuum mini abortion surgery;
  • medical abortion surgery (with examination).

Doctor specialists’ consultations



Staying in enhanced comfort rooms

Individual preparation of pregnant women for the delivery and breast-feeding, preparation of a family for the delivery with the partner

Ultrasound diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics

Instrumental diagnostics


Umbilical cord blood sampling

Extracorporal fertilization

Final services cost settlement is performed under delivered services act.

Please contact us for any information tel.: (017)-213-08-14

Additional information:

  • Registration for ultrasound examination is performed daily from 8:00 a.m., tel.: (017)-213-08-14
  • Registration for paid delivery paperwork: Mon-Fr from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. tel.: (017)-213-08-14

The following paid services are provided at the consultative and diagnostic department (Family planning city center) of the health care institution “City Clinical Maternity Hospital №2”:

  • Metrosalpingography
  • Ultrasound metrosalpingography
  • Spermogram (with preliminary urologist’s consultation)

Please contact us for the information on examination and cost of services at the registration office of the consultative and diagnostic department (Family planning city center) of the health care institution “City Clinical Maternity Hospital 2”, 60,Belskogo str., tel. (017)-213-08-14